Highland Cattle vom Aignerhof


to a virtual tour on our website the „Highland-Cattle from Aignerhof”.
In 1993 we started with breeding Highland Cattle and from the beginning we have specialised in black, pedigreed/pure, large Highland cattle.

Black Highland cattle is actually the origin of this breed, or “kyloes” as they are also known. They are much more robust than cattle of any other colour and they come from the very northwest of Scotland (Outer Hebrides).
Kyloes were the basis for some famous Canadian breeding sites, like: Glen Osprey Farm (GOF) of Nancy & David Peace, Keijoasan Fold of Joan & Keith Worth, as well Du Boise Fold of Francoise Merleau, who imported cattle from the island of Mull/Scotland in the early 70s..

Also in our purely Canadian bred animals these genetics are included.

Our herd consists on average of 15 to 20 animals of various ages, of course all in black. All of them have a calm character, are tame and can be led on halter. They are used to live among people, of which we are very proud!

Our absolute aim is breeding black, typical, large Highland cattle from well known Canadian and Scottish bloodlines to hold the robustness, longevity and all the other good features of this breed to maintain a profitable Highland cattle for us.