Highland Cattle vom Aignerhof

Our breeding

Amoung breeders, the expression „breeding philosophy” is a widely used term.
For us breeding doesn’t mean just producing animals, making two out of one like others do. We look selectively for bulls which go in line with our animals and of course we use artificial insamination too.

We decided to breed Highland cattle of the big, heavy type, because these animals are more efficient and they are in great demand.
We also pay much attention to a good charisma as well as to a specific and genetically established black colour, so that our Highland cattle is a proudly cherished speciality.

The nationality of Highland cattle, whether it be from Scottish or Canadian descent, is of secondary interest to us. The center of our attention is, above all the high quality of the animals.
I’d like expecially to emphasise that we breed highland cattle that is well known and highly sought-after by breeders far beyond the borders of our country. Many exports of our breeding animals to European countries are evidence for this statement.

We know, and that’s what we are proud of, that we are on the right track. On many trips to shows in Austria and abroad, as well as visits and regular contacts to herds in Scotland, we can see what stage we are at. That’s why we will keep an eye on proceedings and will set new goals.

And last but not least: Our highland cattle are evidence of quality, on shows our animals are the center of interest because of their charisma and they have also won a lot of prizes!