Highland Cattle vom Aignerhof

Our farm

Our farm is situated in Lungau, the southernmost part of Salzburg, 1078 m above sea level, directly on the border to Carinthia.

Here we breed Scottish Highland Cattle at the highest stage. This is only possible, beause we chose very particular animals, where quality and genetics is concerned, when buying our main cattle.

We are in contact with our animals every day so we know each animal and its behaviour. We cultivate about 30 ha (about 80 acres) ofagricultural area, and all of the premises are a few steps from our farm.
Our farm is cultivated organically, our number is AT-S-01 BIO and is controlled by the SLK (Salzburger Landwirtschaftliche Kontrolle; Acricultural Control of Salzburg).

In Spring and Autumn the range land is directly connected with the wintering grounds on the farm. In summer the whole herd is on our alp, about 18 km (11 miles) from our farm. Its size is about 200 ha (500 acres), more than half of it is pure grazing land at about 1700 – 2400 m (5500 – 8000 ft) above sea level.